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SAE RCM and Streamlined RCM Comparison

This is the description of the RCM process as quoted in the SAE RCM Standard:

Any RCM process shall ensure that all of the following seven questions are answered satisfactorily and are answered in the sequence shown below:

a) What are the functions and associated desired standards of performance of the asset in its present operating context (functions)?

b) In what ways can it fail to fulfill its functions (functional failures)?

c) What causes each functional failure (failure modes)?

d) What happens when each failure occurs (failure effects)?

e) In what way does each failure matter (failure consequences)?

f) What should be done to predict or prevent each failure (proactive tasks and task intervals)?

g) What should be done if a suitable proactive task cannot be found (default actions)?

This is the description of the Streamlined RCM process and its relation to the 7 steps above:

1) Description of the existing task with periodicity and functions and associated desired standards of performance in its present operating context. (a)

2) In what way(s) it typically fails (b) and the Dominant Failure Mode(s) that cause failure(s) that the maintenance task is intended to prevent. (c)

3) Whether or not the failure mode occurs in the service life of the equipment.

4) Whether or not the occurrence of the Failure Mode(s) is evident to the operator/maintainer under normal operations.

5) The type of maintenance task this is (i.e., life renewal, condition directed, failure finding, servicing or lubrication).

6) Whether or not the task satisfies the rules of applicability for the type task being performed.

7) Whether or not the task is effective based the effects (what happens) (d) and consequences (how it matters) (e) of the failure(s) (i.e., safety, operations, economics).

8) Recommended improvements based on the analysis above (what should be done (f) to better predict or prevent failure if change is warranted and what can be done if none are available/practical). (g)

9) Justification for the recommendations.

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